Whatever wedding look a bride chooses – tender or rock-style, solemn or epatage, innocent or intentionally sexual – the main requirement of the wedding dress is the same: it must be an ideal one. Does an ideal wedding dress exist? The designers of LANESTA TM (Italy) have proved that such a dress does exist.

While striving for the ideal, the founders of Lanesta Italian brand have placed a bet on a combination of characteristics and styles, which at first sight seem to be incompatible: classic and modern, sophistication and pathos, tenderness, and hot Italian temper. The designers are looking for the most interesting and originals solutions, use advanced tailoring technologies and the most luxurious fabrics of the highest quality to produce their collections. Each design is like a common denominator of thought and vision of each design team member. Each of these dazzling dresses may be called a masterpiece, and all of them may be characterized as the unity and harmony of contradictions.


Elegant tailoring, flattering fit, fancy lace patterns, airy-fairy skirts are like brushstrokes in a picture, the center of which is a bride with a dazzling smile and happy glint in her eyes.

Each dress by Lanesta is a unique and special masterpiece, which naturally combines current trends of wedding fashion, original design solutions, and cherished traditions of previous generations.

That is why the young trademark enslaves the hearts of modern brides.